The Tubes are a San Francisco-based Classic Rock Band, popular in the mid 1970s and early 1980s, known for their live performances that combined music performances with many different unique costumes and in some acts they wore leotards with painted on nipples and pubic hair (neither of which points are relevant for evaluating their artistic/musical/political relevance).The band is known for their theatrical live shows that include satires of media consumerism, and politics.

The Tubes are best remembered for their 1983 single She's a Beauty, a top 3 U.S. hit single bolstered by a frequently-played music video in the early days of MTV. The current five-man line-up of The Tubes features four original members - Fee Waybill (lead vocals), Roger Steen (guitar), Rick Anderson (bass) and Prairie Prince (drums), plus David Medd (keyboards), the latter who's played with the band since 2006. The Tubes will perform their classics including What Do You Want From Life?, Mondo Bondage, Sushi Girl, Talk To Ya Later, She's A Beauty and White Punks On Dope

1976 "Don't Touch Me There"
1977 "White Punks on Dope" The Tubes
1979 "Prime Time" -Remote Control
1981 "Don't Want To Wait Anymore" The Completion Backward Principle
1981 "Talk to Ya Later" -
1983 "She's a Beauty"
1983 "Tip of My Tongue" Outside Inside
1983 "The Monkey Time"
1985 "Piece by Piece" Love Bom