Smiley faceJohn McAndrew’s performances inspire and exhilarate audiences. It will touch your heart one minute, and have you clapping and stomping your feet the next.

Here’s what some people say about John’s talks and performances:

Thanks for a wonderful evening of music and inspiration John. You have an enviable talent for connecting soulfully and meaningfully with your audience.

Eric Clapton- Crossroads Centre Antigua

"The greatest artists are those whose lives are their art. John IS his music - honest, tender, tough. Always an echo of the heartbeat of life. All of John's music arises out of that heartbeat. If he sings about it, it is because people have lived it. More than anything else, John's music is life, listening to itself."

Earnie Larsen, Author/Motivational Speaker

"John McAndrew is a storyteller, and plays to the heart and soul of all of us, his performances leave you wanting more.

William Moyers- Hazelden Foundation

"John McAndrew reminds me of the early days of Billy Joel, when people sat at the piano bar, putting bread into his jar, saying, "man, what are you doin' here?!"-He is simply great at the piano, and has a voice that can light you up."

- Billy Powell, Keyboard Player, Lynyrd Skynyrd,

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

Stories and Songs

Here are some examples of John’s talks with music:

1-Give Me New Eyes- We are always in the process of seeing things differently. When change comes, we begin to see the messengers, or the angels if you will, and life takes on new meaning.

2-Good Enough-The Art of not being perfect. The expectations we place on ourselves to be perfect, and not so human, are profound for some of us. How can we learn to be good enough?

3-Walking Back To Alright- Life hands all of us challenges, some big some small. How do get up and start the process of healing?

4-God Works That Way- Being able to see God in everyday little things. How do you see God working in your life, and in others lives?

5-If You Cant Forgive- The Power of Forgiveness. All of us have had to face the challenge of forgiveness. We often become stuck in a place where it harms our hearts greatly, then what do we do?