Jonathan Cilia Faro

Jonathan Cilia Faro, the most powerful and passionate living voice, celebrates 20 years of making music by producing his newest holiday single with friends Tom Brooks and Allan Parsons. JCF reimagines a David Foster Christmas hit, Grown Up Christmas List as a hybrid of Italian & English. Jonathan’s journey has not been easy and the past 20 years have brought both feast and famine. 

2019 has been a very significant year for Jonathan. He released his latest album “From Now On” with BFD Sony The Orchard, to wonderful reviews

“The singer creates and otherworldly vibe that’s driven, like real opera, by narrative highs and lows.”  {Music Connection Magazine}

“The Thrilling, Golden Tenor Of Jonathan Cilia Faro Resonates As Global Acclaim Grows For His Album ‘From Now On”

Jonathan Cilia Faro was born in Sicily. He began studying music at the age of 9, learning both accordion and piano. The young musician found his voice during a music lesson, a nun saw his potential and encouraged him and taught him about the beauty and power of music. Jonathan was 9 years old when he heard a record of La Boheme sung by Luciano Pavarotti and his love for Opera was born. Jonathan began to learn the art of opera from the Gianna Buniato and Nicola Martinucci who built the foundations for the performer he is today. Jonathan was the youngest tenor to audition and join the Polyphonic Pentagram Choir directed by Mo. Peppe Arezzo. Two years later Jonathan began his career as a solo artist at the age of 16.

Shortly after, he moved to Milan to record his first album, “Always Close to Me” which sold over 100,000 copies. In 2001 Cilia Faro recorded his second album, “Rebirth” which was a reflection on the traumatic experiences of his life. That same year he began a worldwide gospel tour, which led him to his third album “Symphony for Heaven”. These achievements led to Jonathan’s involvement with various philanthropic causes which support education worldwide.

Cilia Faro likes to call himself a citizen of the world, and his next 2 albums “When Inspiration Becomes Music” and “From The Darkness to The Light” were recorded in Canada. Once back in Italy, at the demand of his growing fan base Cilia Faro produced “Part of Me”.  This took Jonathan into a period where he devoted his time to writing and arranging music. This shift resulted in two more albums, “If There is Life, There Is Magic” and “A Plan That I’m Going”.  A tour of Canada and the U.S. soon followed.

Asked what his next plans are, Cilia Faro said, 

“I am proud of what I have achieved so far, it has given me the foundations to build something quite spectacular. I want to show that if there is talent, love and respect for music, then great things can and do happen. I have a new album called “From Now On”.  I want to bring Opera/Cross Over to all people, to reach audiences through my pop-symphonic style with music that is told with passion and feeling. There is no substitute. It is an experience that everyone should experience at least once. This is a new chapter in my life, share this musical journey with me and all of the great things it can offer…”.