HEE HAW is only one of a handful of television programs that have had a profound and lasting influence on American culture with many of its skits today being woven into the American comedic fabric. Lulu Roman + IRLENE MANDRELE + Jana Jae + DIANE GOODMAN and Buck Trent – all fIVE cast members of the hit country music variety show HEE HAW – bring a touch of ‘Kornfield Kounty’ to fans nationwide! The hit television show, which continues to air on RFD-TV in re-runs, take the viewer to their happy place in time with some rural culture, fun humor, and some great country music.

The show gets the audience involved from the beginning to the end. Whether singing, clapping, laughing or crying, this show has something for everyone. LULU ROMAN served up many laughs and, well, some greasy food at Lulu’s Truck Stop where the food and customer service was usually pretty bad. In addition, Lulu is remembered for being a member of the Hee Haw All-Jug Band and her sitting around on an old-fashioned sofa in the parlor being a deadpan character and commenting.

By the sketchs end THEY wILL deliver a humorous “moral to the story” giggle wink at the camera and blow out the candle which was lit on the night stand next to the bed where the story was ORIGINALLY told. JANA JAE is known for having the “Blue Fiddle” and taking the Hee Haw audience on a musical journey. Jana performed as part of the Buck Owens band as well as a soloist.

BUCK TRENT is known for his Pickin’ and Grinnin’ as a featured performer on Hee Haw as well as his years working with Roy Clark.

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Want to add a Notable Country Star to the package who appeared on Hee Haw? Ask us for a list of available stars who can be added to the show!

T. Graham Brown appeared on Hee Haw 3 different times! Brown topped the Billboard Country chart 4 times and charted 28 singles with 10 landing in the Top 10. As a Grammy nominated artist and a CMA award winner, T. Graham continues to tour and make albums. Lulu Roman has won countless awards in Gospel and Country music since her time on the legendary television program. The world saw Lulu serving up some greasy food at Lulu’s Truck Stop where the food and customer service was usually pretty bad, but not her fun-loving humor. Lulu is the only surviving original cast member who appeared on the very first episode in 1969! Jana Jae continues to host her annual Fiddle Camp in Oklahoma, travel the world providing fiddle workshops, and performing live shows. You might remember her for having the “Blue Fiddle” and taking the Hee Haw audience on a musical journey. Irlene Mandrell recently released a new book and album and makes appearances in support of her latest endeavors. Best known for her role as a Hee Haw Honey and the sister to Country Music Hall of Fame member Barbara Mandrell, Irlene was a TV favorite on the Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters television show throughout the 80’s. Irlene joins the cast to bring jokes and musical talent to the 2020 stage show. These four together will be showing the Hee Haw reunion of a lifetime, for a show you cannot afford to miss.

T. Graham Brown Joins SiriusXM’s Storme Warren For A One-Hour Special To Discuss Hee Haw, His Career And Perform His Hits Starting August 9th On Prime Country

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