Blue Meadow – Mission: Equilibrium




Mission: Equilibrium was our toughest piece of music to record to date as we’ve struggled to find balance between our everyday lives and delivering meaningful music. Fathers, Husbands, Band Members, Musicians, and singers are all full time titles that we took on to try and deliver this product. This product is meaningful to us as it encapsulates some of our feelings about the world around us and experiences that we’ve had. This is our 2nd full length project and we are proud of the leaps and bounds that we’ve come to make this. This is also the first time that we’ve done 100% of the project ourselves. All writing, producing, singing, instrumentals, recording, and mixing was done by Blue Meadow.  We hope this project resonates to you our friends and our new found friends as our main goal is to lift our spirits and give us just one more thing to smile about and we hope this project does the same thing for you. Life is about balance. For the time we have on this earth we try to balance the not so great things that happen to us in life that give us a surreal high. Which gives us an appreciation for all of the beautiful things in life. Take the time to find those beautiful things that will bring to your life the equilibrium it needs. Thank you for purchasing this project as it is an intimate piece of us and our struggle in maintaining Equilibrium. Mission:Equilibrium