Rich Herring

Born and raised on a farm in South Georgia, Rich Herring was first exposed to country music exclusively. Guitar players like Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, and Glen Campbell were the first to make an impression. He started guitar lessons at age 10, but only studied formally for a few years. The rest was learned by listening. Rich played guitar and drums in various bands, bass in high school jazz ensemble, and by his early twenties he was writing and recording his own music. He became a proficient guitarist, bass player, engineer and programmer.

In 1994 Rich signed an artist writer deal with Curb Records in Nashville. Since then he has found his niche as not only a guitar and bass player in the studio, but performing live with many well known artists. Several of his songs have found their way to radio, movies and television, and he has produced records for artists on Curb, MCA, and other independent labels. He opened a studio in downtown Nashville in 2003, where he produced countless songwriter demos, custom albums and award winning jingles for radio and television.

In 2006, Rich was hired as lead guitarist for “Little River Band”, and still tours with the band currently. He has co-produced the last four Little River Band albums.

Much of Rich’s “musical education” was acquired from spending time with Barry Best, soaking up knowledge on arranging, recording, singing, and producing. They played in multiple groups together including their own duo, “The Dream Team”. Recently, they teamed up again to produce Ryan Daniel’s album, “Back For More”, an appropriate title for the first effort of a new partnership between old friends.