Born in Leeds but raised in Blackpool, Rob Lea has been touring across the UK and Europe for the past 10 years in one of the world’s biggest Queen Tribute Bands – Majesty. Performing as the legendary Freddie Mercury has given Rob amazing opportunities to perform in front of huge crowds and even compete on the ITV show Starstruck as his idol. Now Rob is ready to step into the limelight as himself.  

In April 2022 Rob released his debut single “Reflection”, an emotive pop ballad which deftly highlights his own struggles through anxiety and depression in a way that’s hard not to connect with and relate to.  His follow up single “Summer in the Morning” burst into the Summer with joy and sunshine.  The laid-back indie-pop track brought more of Rob’s influences to his audience, with soaring harmonies, dynamic vocals and an infectious energy.  After this, Rob released his third single “Freak”, a fierce middle finger to all those that see others as anything less than perfect.  It celebrates individuality with an anthemic lyrical chorus line that will have you singing along after the first listen, whilst the guitars deliver captivating modern alt-rock tones with a touch of blues nostalgia.

The singles have been released via Nashville indie record label WBA, whose roster includes John Oats, The Little River Band, Michael Londra and many more talented artists. Rob credits the audiences he’s performed to and the fanbase he’s garnered over the years as the motivation for getting his own music out into the world!