The Ultimate Robin Williams Tribute Experience!

Roger Kabler is a true renaissance man. Along with being one of the finest comedy impressionists in the country, he is a talented actor and portrait artist.

Roger has served as the spokesman for Zima in national television commercials. He was a regular on the last Carol Burnett series in 1991. He has also starred in his own NBC sitcom, Rhythm, and Blues. Additionally, Roger wrote, produced and starred in the award-winning movie Who the Hell Is Bobby Roos? and has recently played to sold-out showrooms up and down the east coast. Variety magazine calls him ‘an astounding impressionist’.

When not performing, Roger paints portraits of animals and enjoys the outdoors.

“Kabler convincingly, almost eerily, immerses himself in the comic persona of Williams, somehow capturing Williams’ barely containable personality.


Robin Williams Tribute Show Aimed at Suicide Prevention

Man pays tribute to Robin Williams in Phoenix Shows

Roger Kabler channeling Robin Williams this A.M. on Fox T.V. in Phoenix.