The Christmas Chronicles
A musical and visual journey of intertwined, seasonal vignettes featuring narration by Leonard Ford, Susan Aquila and the Paganini String Trio, and Jeff Lubin on guitar and vocals. Usage of HD projected images, clever musical arrangements and vintage outfits to create a unique, visually-stunning, Victorian-era styled holiday event.

Themes of “love” and “brotherhood” make this a perfect show for the entire family.

And then the angels descended unto the Earth. But, these were no ordinary angels, for they performed with a ferocity unknown to humankind…

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, the war is over; and there are no more Walls & Bridges. And all persons are in fact equal, at least for one magical day… Wrapped in Cellophane!

In 1914, in the early phase of the Great War…THE WAR TO END ALL WARS. British & German troops were living in trenches less than the length of a football field apart. But, on Christmas Day, an armistice was declared and a cease-fire prevailed. Soldiers began singing.. and one man shouted out… Merry Christmas!

The enemy replied in kind. Then a small miracle took place. Men from both sides emerged from their trenches & walked towards one another.. They met in No Mans Land.. exchanging small gifts & hand-shakes. And in that One Magical Moment… On this One Special Day THE WAR WAS OVER!